Rabble and Rowser Co. is a brand spanking new company located in Chicago, IL. Their niche is organic fabric that are made in the USA shirts for men. Now this is a company that we need to see more of! As of right now they are offering two t-shirts, both are at the price of $29.50. What a steal, especially for organic fabric and made in Chicago!

“Rabble and Rowser Co. , launched in 2013, is a Chicago based organic menswear line. It is our goal to provide stylish, high quality men’s clothing, while also being environmentally and socially responsible. Our shirts are constructed from 100% organic fine jersey cotton and printed with the highest quality water based inks for a superior fit and maximum comfort. Our organic menswear is made in the USA by workers who are well compensated and not in a sweatshop overseas. We are the next level in organic casual wear for men.”

*This post has been brought to you by our sponsor, Rabble and Rowser Co.