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Hey hey! It’s Toria from Toria’s Treasure Chest, soo excited to be back at Jolie Pagaille for another post!

I am so beyond obsessed with Disney’s Frozen. Especially Elsa! She is beautiful, troubled, creative, sexy, silly, strong, and most of all she is so inspiring!I could (and do!) listen to this song over and over. And it’s so stunningly beautiful to watch! As someone who suffers from mental illness, the song just fills me with so much strength and hope. It is truly empowering. And I think it’s something that any woman could listen to or watch and just be moved by!

Also, if you like Frozen, you should check out my post where I built my own Olaf!

So, to honor my mad woman crush on Elsa, I did a makeup and outfit inspired by her beauty!


I’m not sure why, but the lips were a total failure. They were actually this color from my purple link up, so the makeup was closer to hers than it appears. Grr. haha

For the hair, since I cut mine, I couldn’t do a pretty side braid, so I just threw a braid in my curls.


I tried to duplicate her gorgeous makeup as close as possible. I went heavy on the blush to get that cold look but you know cameras never want to pick up blush. haha I could’ve also done some freckles and a thicker liner but hey, it’s close enough. haha




Of course, I had to have my snowflake earrings! Although I did switch them later for the fashion.


For nails I used a blue with Sally Hansen’s Ice Queen topper, which has silver micro glitter and larger blue and purple glitters. Thought it was fitting. 😉


For the fashion, I didn’t go quite as literal with the inspiration, since I don’t have anything similar. Although I guess I could have worn my prom dress, since it’s blue. But darker blue. Oh well. haha So I went with purple to go with the makeup and since I had a snow design purple hat.

All bundled up for this eternal winter. 😉

The earrings I wore after I swapped:

I just can’t even say enough about this movie! I’m planning on one of my birthday themes to be Frozen! Even if it’s summer. 😉 haha I really love this movie! And the makeup was such a blast to do!

Have you seen Frozen?

What did you think? Who is your favorite character?

Let’s discuss!

Have a fabulous day!

– Toria