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Hey hey! It’s Toria again, from Toria’s Treasure Chest, here for my monthly post! (I missed last month unfortunately due to being bedridden with a pinched nerve in my spine. Fun fun.) lolThis was a look I did before St. Paddy’s Day that was meant to go with the holiday, before I got really sick. But I think with spring finally showing it’s beautiful face, it is fitting still, if not more so. 🙂

If you follow me on any other social media etc you might have seen me changing my profile pic. The one I had was when my hair was still a lot longer and since I (clearly) wacked it all off, I got tired of the old picture and decided to update. So there was a sneakie peek of this going around. haha
I really love this photo, even though it’s at a weird angle. haha I tried rotating it and it just didn’t look right so yes…it’s supposed to be sideways. haha
My makeup was green eyeshadow and a sort of peach lip gloss that I know is just going to be my favorite lippie this summer! I was actually afraid it would be more orange but I love how it turned out when applied!
I added this peach flower comb for another peach accent. So pretty but I don’t wear it often! A little orange toned for most of my wardrobe but I love it anyways. 🙂
I feel like letting out a huge sigh of relief; like the weight of a thousand icicles shaken off my shoulders. hahaAre you enjoying spring or is Mother Nature still wrecking havoc on your life?

What colors are you eager to see for spring?
Let me know!
Have a fabulous day!
– Toria