About the Bloggers




Vivienne | vivienne{at}joliepagaille.com

A single mother, marketer, and an entrepreneur at heart. She has a passion for writing, dancing, and creating. She enjoys any and all beauty products and has a huge adoration for fashion.

When she’s not writing blog posts or creating video blogs, she works remotely from home as a freelance virtual assistant and spends her time with her lovely little boy.

Vivienne currently lives in Portland, Oregon.


Kristina - JP Blogger

Kristina | kristina{at}joliepagaille.com

A mother of two adorable girls. She has studied Culinary Arts at Southern New Hampshire University and she has a love affair with makeup and nail polish. She’s wicked with a nail brush and has a keenness for detail when it comes to writing makeup reviews.

When she’s not writing for Jolie Pagaille, she is writing on her fabulous beauty blog The Feminine Files.

Kristina currently resides in the state of New Hampshire.

Toria Toria | toriamason.treasures{at}gmail.com

A traditional artist, writer, and nail polish addict, Toria brings her love of beauty and creativity to JP. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tutorials, handmade crafts, stellar photography, intriguing fashion art inspires her the most.

She spends her time with the love of her life, and she is an eternal follower of Christ. She’s active as a mental health advocate and a supporter of happiness and love.

Toria currently resides in the state of Arkansas. Her blog is Toria’s Treasure Chest.

Pretty In The EastMichelle | mswaters27{at}gmail.com

A professional and a proud pug owner, she has passion for all things beauty related. Michelle enjoys the simple pleasures in life. She is confident, easy-going, open-minded, and a bit of a goof.

Her goal is to inspire other people to believe in themselves and to be confident, with or without makeup!

Michelle currently works as a paralegal in the state of Maryland. Visit her beauty reviews and tips at Pretty In The East.